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Beach Club: Watson’s Bay Hotel

If you know me or my girlfriends at all, then you’ll know that we LOVE any excuse for a long, boozy lunch.

It makes for the perfect celebration, really.

Whether it’s a fine dining feast, or a more relaxed procession of plates, there’s something about feeding one’s face into the evening that encourages serious merriment.

And I’m aaaall about serious merriment.

Like, seriously.

Fortunately for me, my fabulous friend C recently offered up the ideal excuse for such an outing… her 27th birthday!

Conveniently like-minded, she planned the occasion WELL in advance, booking in her hungriest harem of lady friends, and a lunch banquet at one of our favourite casual waterfront watering holes – the Watsons Bay Beach Club (at the Watsons Bay Boutique Hotel).

If you haven’t been, then this Sydney hot spot must immediately be added to the top of your to-do list.

Located on the water’s edge of beautiful Watsons Bay, the Beach Club boasts uninterrupted harbour views and a delightfully nautical-themed decor that immediately sets the tone for cheeky, laid-back fun.IMG_0303IMG_0304IMG_0305Amid the wooden picnic tables and striped umbrellas, you’ll find a buzzing crowd of tourists, beach bums, and eastern suburbs locals alike.

Some are in their togs and others just short of a tiara – primped and primed to turn a relaxed Saturday lunch into a raging Saturday night.

Unsurprisingly, us girls had similar intentions.

So when the festivities finally arrived, we donned our weekend best,  embraced excitedly upon arrival, and prepared ourselves for everything (and anything) that awaited.

Sure enough, it wasn’t long before the banquet (and the bubbles!) began…IMG_0296First up, to get the party started –  “prosciutto di parma” and “heirloom vegetable crudites”.IMG_0292Served with sweet balsamic peaches, soft buffalo mozzarella & crunchy grissini, these salty slices made for a moreish, well-rounded mouthful that quickly got the table talking (and tong-ing). IMG_0300.JPGIMG_0301What IS it about cured meats that always make you feel better, huh?! They had us eating out of the parma their hand! IMG_0294The seasonal vegetable crudites looked simple (and very nutritious!) in comparison, but were dolled up with a dreamy Meredith goats curd & chive dip.

And while I’ll admit they weren’t QUITE as popular as the prosciutto (*scoff*, like veggies ever could be!), we were all grateful for the lighter start, especially when we realised what wonders were still to come…IMG_0307Main course brought a plentiful selection of plates that surpassed all expectations befitting the “$45 for two courses” banquet price tag. IMG_0319First up, whole flounder – served with prawns, capers, and a delicious drenching of garlic butter and SAMBUCA (yes, sambuca!)IMG_0316If memory serves me right, it was the best ate I ever fish! IMG_0315Next up, spice rubbed chicken – with salsa verde, and spicy panzanella salad. (Which I shamefully only learnt on the day is a salad that has BREAD in it… So basically, the holy grail of salads.) IMG_0317And finally, tender rib eye steak with salsa picante, and parmesan gem lettuce… IMG_0322 (Plus some salty baby spuds to wash it all down.)

The entire spread left us grinning from ear to ear, while ensuring that no one was left feeling remotely hungry.

And while a third and final dessert course was indeed an option, under the guidance of our wise birthday babe C we opted for a final “cocktail course” instead.IMG_0332 With the whole night ahead of us, espresso martinis seemed the most logical choice. IMG_0333Cheers to that logic!

With martinis consumed and lunch finally complete, we repositioned ourselves outside to soak up the remaining afternoon sun.IMG_0349And ordered reinforcements to see us well into the evening…IMG_0353IMG_0354Soon enough we were greeted by a special guest (C’s dapper man gent) who was EASILY made jealous of our lovely ladies lunch.

So naturally, he ordered his own. IMG_0373I could tell you what happened next, but then I’d probably have to kill you.

Girl code and whatnot.

You understand.

But rest assured, the birthday girl (and her hungry harem) did indeed have a raging Saturday night…

And are eagerly planning and preparing for the next one!

Watsons Bay Beach Club

1 Military Rd, Watsons Bay, NSW

(Behind the beautiful Watsons Bay Hotel!)

$45 for two courses (entree & main)

$60 for three courses

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