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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Hey there lovebirds.

Whether you’re ready or not, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

For some of you, that may mean showering the special someone in your life with extravagant gifts, undying attention and the utmost appreciation.

For some of you, it may mean something simpler – a bouquet of blooms, a card, or an intimate dinner for two.

For some of you, it may mean special cuddles.

And for some of you, it may mean trying to avoid the day altogether.

Because “to hell with Hallmark holidays!”

Whatever your relationship status (and your sentiments), there’s no right way to do Valentine’s Day.

But for those of you who are looking for some genuine giftspiration, I thought I’d do you a solid – and offer up a few suggestions that just may spark your romantic imagination.

And we’ll kick it all off with a little summin’ for the lady loves:

for her
Narciso Rodriguez Perfume // Amore Print // Sydney Seafood School Cooking Class // Christie Nicole Bralette // Dominique Portet Rose // Samantha Wills Rings // Black The Fifth Watch // Monogrammed Leather Passport Holder // Haigh’s Assorted Truffles // Pink Moet & Chandon // Giant XO Balloons // Hermetica Seasonal Posy // Haigh’s Chocolate Heart // The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex // Ecoya Candle // Aesop

While all of the above is glorious, remember it’s not how much you spend, but the thought & effort you put in that really counts.

So if a pathway of rose petals to a perfectly temperature tested bubble bath is more budget appropriate, then go for it soldier!

And now some goodies for that hot hunk of man flesh in your life…

for him

Tortoise Clubmaster Ray-Bans // Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky //  Camp Now Camping Package //  Full S*x Voucher //  Novelty Budgie Smugglers //  Haigh’s Chocolate Frog // Go Pro //  Royal Doulton Crystal Tumblers //  Nixon Watch //  Personalised Hip Flask //  Hendrick’s Gin //  Happy Socks //  Handsome Skincare // Jenga // Bill Murray Book //  Calvin Klein Trunks // Virgin Australia Mystery Break

(OR you could just cover your naked body with homemade sushi, Samantha style.)

And MOST importantly, a collection of cards guaranteed to make them giggle:


Leaf Me // Gopher // Lumberjack // Breath Away // Punk Ass // The Feels // Tinder // Love Is // Bins Out // Babe Jackpot // Jalapeno // Amazing Beard // Vodka // Camembert // Roses Are Red

So tell me lovers… What do you have planned for this Valentine’s Day?

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